Pneuma: Vigor and Anima

Exhibition of Works of the Modern Mexican sculptor Javier Wolsky.

"Pneuma: Vigor and Anima" is Javier Wolsky's first exhibition in China During his 30 years' career. Javier Wolsky dedicates himself to expressing time and meditation by using conventional materials and mediums.

Pneuma originally means vigor and anima, but here, it represents human creativity. Javier adopts metal wires to create three-dimensional space between his paintings and sculptures. Space is endowed with spirit and soul in "Pneuma." Brightness, shape, as well as movement are created by using shadows and air flows.

The creation process of every single art work demands a great deal of time and energy. Through profound observation, the deep thinking behind the art work will be presented: cautious and patient repetition, starting from emptiness and striving for absolute perfection.