Artists Workshop Officially Unveiled

On November 22, organized by Liu Haisu Art Museum and the Cultural Bureau of Changning District, the "Western-typographicposter Project" Designing Workshop will be inaugurated. Professor Henk van Assen from Yale University will be invited to the workshop.

Between November 7 and 24, 2016, together with students of art universities, on-job art designers and art lovers from Shanghai and other cities, professor Henk van Assen will carry out various activities themed on "Western-typographicposter Project", such as poster design training, student creative practice as well as displays of art works. In the activities, Porfessor Henk will help students to transform their understanding of character designing into visual images. With more activities being carried out, more lectures being given, and more excellent art works being presented, the interesting and exquisite western characters will bring students new ideas and inspirations of current poster design and understanding of the difference and common grounds between Chinese and Western arts. The workshop will definitely be a feast for eyes of every participant with brand new experience.

Organizers: Liu Haisu Art Museum, the Culture Bureau in Changning District, Shanghai 

Co-Organizer: Yi Si Mei Art Platform in the academy of fine arts in Shanghai Normal University 

Shanghai Xingji Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Special Support: Wonders Information System Co., Ltd.

Photos of all the workshop members

Deputy curator of Liu Haisu Art Museum inaugurated the opening ceremony of the workshop

Professor Henk was teaching 

Professor Henk brought many samples of character posters for student

Details of posters

Students were listening carefully

The students' ID card in workshop

Organizers and special support

The workshop group Was taking photos with Professor Henk